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Last week I showed all of you a interview with the future Our Best Day So Far class co-leaders, and this week I interviewed someone behind the scenes…Emily Antoszyk! Emily has been helping me out with blogging from the beginning of my internship and basically acting as my support system throughout this whole process. She is a key component of both Our Best Day So Far and The Best Day Of My Life So Far and an excellent interviewee.

What is your favorite thing about participating in this project?

My favorite thing about being a part of The Best Day Of My Life So Far & Our Best Day So Far is meeting amazing people. Meeting the seniors & participating teens is so special; they are such a vibrant, upbeat, and loving group of people. Every time I hang out with the volunteers I am continually impressed by their positivity as well. We have such a wide range of ages and backgrounds within our group that our get-togethers are really interesting, and I am continually impressed by the accomplishments of our team. I have also met many wonderful supporters of our project that I never would have met otherwise. I feel fortunate to be part of this growing movement!

What are you looking forward to in terms of the project?

I’m really looking forward to securing our core group of seniors and teens, and seeing how the mix vibes with one another. I’m sure Our Best Day So Far will turn out something great!

What major differences and similarities do you notice between this (Our Best Day So Far) and the first, The Best Day Of My Life So Far?

As a project, Our Best Day So Far has gone from the conception to execution stages relatively quickly since we have a solid team in place. It seems that now that the projects have picked up momentum, everything is moving at lightning speed! The core of both projects – an intergenerational storytelling class – is the same, but only time will tell if the classes are similar.

How do you think the Our Best Day So Far project has grown since its inception?

A lot of behind the scenes work went into planning Our Best Day So Far as you will see it in July, and I’m sure there is lots more to come. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out…

From March to today, how do you think I have grown as a blogger and intern?

I say this all the time, so I may as well shout it out on the blog – Madi, you are doing an amazing job! You have gained confidence in your writing skills and blogging abilities turning this blog into something that is truly personal, which is a nod to your hard work. You have taken the reins- I think it will only grow from here!

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