The People Behind the Project

By | May 31, 2011


On the Sunday before last, I finally got to meet many of the people working behind the scenes on this project.

People starting at front left, clockwise: Emily Antoszyk, Diane Menio, Ashley Humienny, Brendan O'Hara, Madi Garvin (me), Benita Cooper, Dee Reichle, and Jonathan Marcin.

Amy Henson (center). Amy isn't visible in the group picture above, so I thought I'd provide this one for reference.

A large portion of the get-together was spent on introductions and getting to know each other better. I barely knew many of these people before the meeting so I’ll introduce them to you.

Emily Antoszyk is the public relations manager for The Best Day of My Life So Far. She has been working closely with me to better my blog posts!

Benita Cooper as you all probably know, is the founder and executive director of The Best Day of My Life So Far. Without her, I would not be here blogging, and you would not be reading this. (P.S. She created the event flyer on the sidebar too!)

Amy Henson is a self-described “aspiring senior” and an Our Best Day So Far class co-leader! She has been involved in the main blog serving as a copy editor.

Ashley Humienny is the liaison officer. She is an integral component in this project, and The Best Day of My Life So Far. Among numerous other things, she helped arrange the collaboration with the Free Library of Philadelphia and AARP.

Jonathan Marcin is the satellite development consultant. He helps with a plethora of different tasks involving this blog.

Diane Menio is my mother! You can read more about her here in a previous blog post.

Brendan O’Hara is a co-leader and schoolteacher extraordinaire. He will be leading the Our Best Day So Far class in the summer with Amy.

Dee Reichle is a Best Day of My Life So Far class co-leader. She is currently aiding and advising the Our Best Day So Far co-leaders (Amy and Brendan) in preparing for the project.

The group as a whole is one passionate, fun powerhouse. Every person on this team contributes a great deal to the project because they care about the cause. Integrating teens and seniors through this blog and the forthcoming classes is our goal. Although not all of us had not met physically before this rendezvous, we were already well-acquainted virtually. Lots of collaborations have been taking place via email, Skype, and Facebook; many of us have built valuable relationships through these technologies, and we hope to build a great relationship with you, our readers, as well! As each day passes, my excitement builds for the Our Best Day So Far class! (27 days until the launch party, 41 until the first day of class)

Many thanks to AARP, we were treated to a great meal to discuss the project over!

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