A Motherly Post

By | May 5, 2011


Mother’s Day is approaching and, in honor of this holiday, I asked my mom how and why she became involved with, and even made it her job to help senior citizens. This is what she told me:

When I was a teenager, my mom took foster children into our home. I learned about helping other people and social work. When I finished college, I realized that working with children was too difficult. When you work with children, you also have to work with the (sometimes abusive) parents, which I did not enjoy.

Then I got a job working in a mental health outpatient clinic. I saw a lot of people who were older there, and that is when I became interested in working with older people.

I applied for a job at CARIE (Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly)  because I enjoyed working with the elderly, and one of the most important people in my life was my grandmother. I also chose to work there because I could be an advocate. And I saw that as the best way to make an impact.

I found it interesting that my mom and I have/had so much in common in our teenage years. We both realize(d) the importance of spending time with other generations, and I think that means a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Me and my mother, Diane

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