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In my last post I said stay tuned for more stories… and here they are!

Janet has been coming since the first class and she has added so much to Our Best Day So Far with her positive attitude.

The stories she has written so far helped all of us learn so much about her even though we have only been together for two classes!



I am…

The one who is the “girl with the grandmother’s face” following one last dream.

The one who has written from an early age.

The one who keeps a journal with instructions for burning at my passing.

The one who began personal writing after cancer surgery to explore new options for living.

The one who lives by words and now feels wordless in this class rather than empowered.

The one viewing life through the lens of a labyrinth with its share of left-hand turns.

The one who learned to make choices early in life and to receive the grace provided even in the times of stress.

The ancestor of the Krefeld 13 who founded Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1683.

The one who prays and serves God.

The one who found childhood informed by the news reels.

A daughter who cared for her mother until her passing at age 91.

The adopted daughter of a man recognized for his contribution to the steel industry.

A sister with brothers and a sister always at a distance.

The sorority sister of beloved friends who taught trust.

The wife who married, lived in multiple places, and found her way in the world of change.

The mother and mother-in-law of an amazing son and daughter-in-law.

The counselor and teacher of children and a former college administrator.

The storyteller’s friend who served with the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance.

The spiritual guide and cook for the hungry.

The girl with the grandmother’s face.


The First Meeting of the Carry On Club



In 1945, at the Moore School, there were two classes of sixth graders. I felt so lucky to have Miss Potter as my teacher. Even then, I could see the beauty of a person within.

Her teaching style brought out the best quality in every child and her best idea was to have the class form a club each year. In her second year of teaching, we named our club, “The Carry On Club.” All matters of business came before the club each Friday. The officer rotated weekly and everyone learned to lead and to follow.

The Carry On Club became a model for my life. Each day offers new opportunities and how we perceive our contribution affects everyone nearby.

The next year Miss Potter was married and we were all invited to the wedding. She sent boxes of wedding cake to our junior/senior high school for each of us to celebrate her happy day.

Teachers show their love for children by respecting their space, and we grew stronger that next year knowing that she still cared for the Carry On Club.

Sadly, her gift of teaching was cut short due to death in 1947.

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