A Blooming Friendship

By | July 24, 2011


On this passing Wednesday, we had the second Our Best Day So Far class. It was smaller in attendance, probably due to the heat, but that didn’t damper the spirits of those who did attend.

At the end of our second class, I noticed something wonderful.

During the typing portion of the class, Kwame, a new teen to the class, and Mary, a returning member, really enjoyed themselves.

What I saw was Mary and Kwame sitting in front of one of the laptops. Kwame was typing up Mary’s story, Mary conferring with him about which wording to use and just having a good time!

Here are both of their “I am” writings.

Who I Am

Mary Pop-in


I am the art of conversation

I am a soft-spoken person

I am a person with a smile

I am the lady with a hat

I am the lady with the bags

I am the walking resource library

I am some one who will strike up conversations

I am the woman who will listen

I am an entrepreneur

My name means helper of mankind

But they know me as the helper of small businesses

I am a volunteer

I am not writer, can’t you tell?

I am humorous

I am the person that will bring the best out of you!


Kwame Edwards


I am

I am a man of great measure

Who writes his faith as he walks

Someone who is destined for greatness

A boy from a two-parent household

That lived in a house he sometime didn’t want to call his home

When you pick up the phone you wouldn’t even get a dial tone

I am a man with a heart filled with aspirations

Roaming these streets that resemble jungles in hope of a better tomorrow

I stand on the shoulders of those who come before me so I hope I would never have to walk in their footsteps, making the same mistakes they made

It is said if you don’t know your past, then you don’t know where you’re going

So I am the one that does not wish to walk like the ones who came before me but fly like those who have not come yet

As Mary said, she really did bring out the best in Kwame (and the rest of the class) and Kwame certainly brought out the best in Sandra!

Stay tuned for more stories from Wednesday’s class!


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