The First Class

By | July 19, 2011


Adeola, Me, Sandra, and Bruce

So last Wednesday we had the first Our Best Day So Far class! It was a nice afternoon spent with some pretty cool people.

After everyone entered, we all introduced ourselves and got to know each other better. Later, Brendan, co-leader extraordinaire, announced the topic for this week’s class: I am…

Adeloa writing...

Many wrote for about 20 minutes about their personalities, backgrounds, and pasts. And we got to hear all of them after the time had passed! Next week I hope that I will be able to share some of those stories with you.


It was a great first class! But we need your help to make it even better this week…

  • Invite some teens! Our turnout was less than expected, so it would be really helpful if you could do that.
  • Invite some seniors while you’re at it! We would love to welcome some new seniors into the group as well.

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