Launch Party Recap

By | July 1, 2011


Benita speaking to the audience

I have been hyping it for weeks, and yesterday, the launch party finally took place! It was a great afternoon, and if you weren’t there, you really did miss out (but if you are a senior or a teen, you can still come to the classes starting on July 13th.)

The launch party was wonderful–a great array of people presenting through different mediums. There were representatives of the library and AARP as well as many people from our own team and the The Best Day Of My Life So Far class.

Liaison officer Ashley Humienny kicked off the program and after her were speakers from AARP and The Free Library of Philadelphia. Then we heard some of the seniors’ stories from The Best Day Of My Life So Far. Olivia, a teen that volunteered in the class, read a Joe’s story and her own.

Benita, Olivia, and Joe

Next was the Our Best Day So Far Team. First, Dee Reichle, the original class’ co-leader spoke and introduced Brendan O’Hara’s video. Then Amy Henson spoke about her involvement in the project. Emily Antoszyk then spoke and introduced me. Then I spoke about Our Best Day So Far and welcomed everyone to class!

Benita then asked anyone in the audience if they had questions or comments. Many more seniors from the original class came up to share their words of wisdom. One woman, who I am sure will show up to the Our Best Day So Far class, invited everyone to her 100th birthday party! She was only 65, so we’ve got a while to wait, but it added a fun spin to the day.

Arthur, Amy, and Dee

Then it was time for everyone to mingle, eat, and talk about the project. It capped off a great afternoon.

As I said before, if you didn’t show up to the launch party, come to class! It’ll be great; we’d love to have you there!

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